Eco-Management of Sibiu

With the participation of over 2500 official delegates and an additional number of visitors, the EEA3 will undoubtedly have a great environmental impact. In order to minimize this negative impact, we are trying to organize this European event as eco-friendly as possible. Thus, the EEA3 is the first European Ecumenical Assembly where ecomanagement measures have been taken.

1. Compensation of the negative impact of air travel

Sharing a car to EEA3

Flights of the participants produce carbon dioxide and nitric oxide emissions. If flying cannot be avoided, we offer the possibility of partly counterbalancing the negative impact of flights on the environment via compensation payments. The voluntarily contribution of each delegate will help regenerating a 30 hectares oak tree forest located at the outskirts of Sibiu, belonging to the small parish of Gusteriţa. Due to the neglect in recent years, large parts have been abusively cut down and the soil is now threatened by landslides. 7 hectares need urgent reforestation. This project will be implemented under the professional guidance of Romsilva, the local forestry office. We kindly ask each delegate for a voluntarily contribution of 15 Euros, as a sign of environmental responsibility.

2. ECEN Eco-Exhibition

The Evangelical Church will host during the EEA3 the exhibition Churches Caring for Creation, supported by ECEN. The aim is to present the previous environmental work of the European churches and to determine the other churches to adopt an environmental friendly way of thinking and acting, thus protecting the Creation.

3. Biocoop’s organic products

Biocoop is an association of Romanian, Transylvanian-German and Hungarian peasants, producing certified organic products – cereals, fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy-products. We intend to include their products in the catering of the participants. The first collective evening meal, all coffee breaks and the farewell lunch pack will consist of organic products.

a climate time-bomb

4. Fair trade coffee

The coffee demand of the EEA3 will be satisfied out of fair trade coffee, sponsored by GEPA Fair Trade Company.

5. Recycling paper

The office paper demand of the EEA3 will be covered out of recycling paper. This product has been newly introduced on the Romanian market by the company Xerox. A part of the needed paper will be sponsored by the company Lecom-Xerox.

6. Waste management

The local waste management company Schuster Ecologic will place containers for the separate collection of waste free of charge, in public locations where the big events of EEA3 will take place. The collected waste will be disposed of at a local recycling center.

7. Waste sculpture

In order to draw attention on the environmental issue of plastic in Romania, a group of students from the Sibiu Art School, under the guidance of prof. Oros Florin will create a sculpture out of different types of waste. This work of art will be exposed in a public location during the EEA3.