Energy Policy and Values

European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure Energy

  • Need for urgent investment (1 trillion euros by 2025)
  • Import dependency and source concentration is rising (50%->70% by 2030)
  • Global energy demand is rising (60% by 2030)
  • Prices are rising (oil and gas prices doubled in two years)
  • Climate change is real and happening (greater threat than global terrorism?)
  • Markets have not yet fully developed. Interconnection is not complete. Externality costs are not covered

Ethical Dimensions – The deciding factors?

child with wind turbines and spruce plantation
  • How practically do we balance climate change supply security and economics?
  • International competitiveness – should we sacrifice to lead?
  • Is it our role to develop technologies others can use? …and that are ‘futureproof’?
  • Access to affordable energy and elimination of fuel poverty – energy policy or social policy?
  • Resource use, waste and intergenerational equity?
  • Jobs and rural employment and relationship to the land/landscape change?
  • Should Government lead or should markets and ‘personal choice’ be relied upon to deliver?
  • Big companies or local and personal solutions – ‘global or local’?
Sustainable Development - the theory (diagram)


Applying a Christian ethic?

Download this as a graphic (.jpg, 65kb)
  • Recognition of those in power
    • Their duty to give a moral lead
    • Our duty to challenge and inform
  • Respect for the rights of all people
    • This generation
      • Developing world
      • Developed world
        • Scotland as a nation
        • Scottish local communities
    • Future generations
  • Duty to care for the disadvantaged and less well off
    • The poor at home
    • In developing countries
  • Stewardship of Creation
    • Preservation of environment
    • Reducing and avoiding waste
    • Duty to make best use of resources
      • Using sustainable resources first
      • Making best use of limited natural resources
      • Making best use of limited financial resources
      • Making best use of talents