Levenskunst: The Art of Living

The Christian Ecological Network received the second prize in in the Identity Prize given by a Reformed Education Institute, for their "Creation Time 2006" project. The judges chose this project because they said it was fresh, contemporary and practical.

The theme of the Creation Time project this year is Levenskunst (art of living). The network produced a pack consisting of:

  • a theological reflection which starts with the rediscovery of the Sabbath as an instrument of liberation, freeing us from the pressures of production and consumption
  • five principles on the 'art of living'
  • activities for children
  • materials for group discussion
  • practical information on consumer choices such as food labelling

This is the second year in which the Christian Ecological Network has promoted Creation Time. The first year it was used by over 300 churches and this year it is expecting to be increased.

The materials (in Dutch) can be found on the CEN website, www.cenet.nl {global_content name="weblink"}