Message on Climate Change to the G8 Summit

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We speak as the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN), bringing together representatives and members from Christian churches across Europe – Anglican, Orthodox, Protestant and Roman-Catholic – whose membership comprises many millions of European citizens.

We are deeply concerned by the growing impact of human induced climate change on our planet, its inhabitants and ecosystems – God’s creation – and by the need for justice for those people and environments that are most vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

These concerns derive from the Bible and our traditions and have challenged our churches to engage in projects for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

We recognise that voluntary efforts and present policies are not enough to prevent disasters resulting from climate change.

We urge you as G8 leaders whose nations account for almost half the world’s GHG emissions to seize this opportunity to agree on:

  • decisive action now for rapid GHG emission reduction and
  • an outline architecture for committed international action post-2012, including sharp reduction of GHG emissions in the G8 countries and financial commitments for adaptation measures in the South.

We pray for the effective outcome of your deliberations.

European Christian Environmental Network
5th Assembly, 4-8 May 2005, Basel, Switzerland.