Outcomes of the EKD-Synod

"As a global community, we are on course to miss the targets of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference. The 2-3 degree increase in temperature compared to pre-industrial levels threatens catastrophic consequences. The political measures in Germany to protect the climate are far from sufficient - as the Council of Experts recently found. So far, little progress has been made in expanding the usage of renewable energy sources, but almost no progress in getting rid of fossil fuels in the fields of energy production, heating, and transport.

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine has distracted politicians and society from the issues of climate change. Our task as a church is to maintain awareness of the climate crisis. Because climate change does not wait until wars are won."

The Synod of the EKD decided on the following environmental issues at its meeting of 6-9 November 2022:

  • Resolution on Peace - Justice - Integrity of Creation
  • Resolution on speed limit
  • "End fossil dependency - implementing the Roadmap to climate neutrality 2035 in a binding manner".
  • Resolution on faith in creation and responsibility for the creation

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Umweltrelevante Beschlüsse der EKD-Synode - Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Umweltbeauftragten (in German)