Prague 2010: Saturday morning prayer

members of the Assembly walking near Prague

God in the Spirit revealed in Jesus Christ,
calls us by grace
to be renewed in the image of our Creator,
that we may be one
in divine love for the world.

Today is the day
God cares for the integrity of creation,
wills the healing and wholeness of all life,
weeps at the plunder of earth’s goodness.
And so shall we.

Today is the day
God embraces all hues of humanity,
delights in diversity and difference,
favors solidarity transforming strangers into friends.
And so shall we.

Today is the day
God cries with the masses of starving people,
despises growing disparity between rich and poor,
demands justice for workers in the marketplace.
And so shall we.

Today is the day
God deplores violence in our homes and streets,
rebukes the world's warring madness,
humbles the powerful and lifts up the lowly.
And so shall we.

Today is the day
God calls for nations and peoples to live in peace,
celebrates where justice and mercy embrace,
exults when the wolf grazes with the lamb.
And so shall we.

Today is the day
God brings good news to the poor,
proclaims release to the captives,
gives sight to the blind,
and sets the oppressed free.
And so shall we.


Our Social Creed

We believe in God, Creator of the world; and in Jesus Christ,
the Redeemer of creation. We believe in the Holy Spirit,
through whom we acknowledge God's gifts,
and we repent of our sin in misusing these gifts to idolatrous ends.

We affirm the natural world as God's handiwork
and dedicate ourselves to its preservation, enhancement,
and faithful use by humankind.

We joyfully receive for ourselves and others the blessings
of community, sexuality, marriage, and the family.

We commit ourselves to the rights of men, women, children, youth, young adults, the aging, and people with disabilities;
to improvement of the quality of life;
and to the rights and dignity of all persons We believe in the right and duty of persons to work for the glory
of God and the good of themselves and others
and in the protection of their welfare in so doing;
in the rights to property as a trust from God,
collective bargaining, and responsible consumption;
and in the elimination of economic and social distress.

We dedicate ourselves to peace throughout the world, to the rule
of justice and law among nations, and to individual freedom
for all people of the world.

We believe in the present and final triumph of God's Word in human affairs
and gladly accept our commission to manifest the life of the gospel in the world. Amen.