Saving energy in a church in Stuttgart

As part of a panel discussion at the ECEN Assembly in Flamslatt, Hans Herman Bohm described how energy was saved in one church in Stuttgart in Germany.

Although the church was interested in environmental issues, you would find that heating is on where windows are open, pipes are uninsulated, and so on. A thermographic image showed how energy was being lost in many places, although the building won an architectural prize when it was built. In this case, large amounts of heat was being lost through poor joints at the corners of the floor. This kind of analysis shows where weaknesses are, even in a church which has taken its environmental responsibilities seriously.

The church sanctuary itself is exempt from EU recomendations on building efficiency, but the halls, minister's house, rooms for children and so on are not exempt.

Churches who carry out an energy analysis of this kind can publicise the process to encourage people to do the same in their homes.