ECEN Assembly 2023 

31 Aug - 3 Sep, Roskilde, Denkmark

Every part of creation matters

ECEN Assembly 2023 under the title "Every part of creation matters" takes place from 31 August – 3 September 2023. The conference offers an opportunity for the discussion of key concerns of rapidly developing eco-theology, a space to assess developments related to key EU policy-shaping on the response to climate change and outline a vision of a sustainable future in Europe.

The Assembly will be hosted by Sankt Joergensbjerg Church in Roskilde. The venue: the parish house of Sankt Joergensbjerg Church, address: Møllehusvej 120, 4000 Roskilde.

The Assembly is an open event, all interested parties are invited. ECEN especially invites colleagues and friends engaged in works on care for creation in Denmark and neighbouring countries for participation in the Assembly.

You are invited!


Roskilde is located 30 km west of Copenhagen on the Danish island of Zealand. With a population of 51,916 the city is a business and educational centre for the region and the 10th largest city in Denmark.

Roskilde has a long history, dating from the pre-Christian Viking Age. Its UNESCO-listed gothic cathedral with, completed in 1275. It was the first gothic cathedral in Scandinavia to be built of brick. With its 39 royal tombs, the cathedral is to this day the burial site for Danish monarchs.

From the 11th century until 1443, was Roskilde the capital of Denmark. By the Middle Ages, with the support of kings and bishops, it had become one of the most important centres in Scandinavia.

With the development of the rail network in the 19th century, Roskilde became an important hub for traffic with Copenhagen. Roskilde has the oldest operational railway station in Denmark, with connections across Zealand as well as other parts of the country.

Assembly venue: Sankt Jørgensbjerg Sognegård (St. Joergensbjerg Parish house), Møllehusvej 120, 4000 Roskilde

Sankt Joergensbjerg Church belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark.

Transport and logistics

Roskilde railway station serves as a central hub connecting western and southern Zealand, the islands of Falster and Lolland, and Jutland to Copenhagen. Roskilde station is the oldest railway station in Denmark still in operation and the first to be built of stone. Travel by train from Copenhagen airport takes about 40 minutes.

Getting around in Roskilde

When arriving to Roskilde railway station it is possibly to take a taxi right outside the station building – the price to the venue is about 120 Danish kroner = 11 €. To the Danhostel about the same price.

Getting around in Roskilde by bus

General information: “gade” means “street” in Danish. A bus ticket is 24 Danish kroner = 3,2 € IMPORTANT: you can only pay with Danish currency.

How to get from Roskilde Station to the venue, Sankt Jørgensbjerg Sognegård (St. Joergensbjerg Parish house)

Take bus 202 A from the bus station, direction Margrethehåb. The Bus station is right next to the railway station on the left. This bus leaves from the bus station every 15 min. Get off by Sct. Jørgensbjerg lokalcenter (next to the parish building). It is the stop.

How to get from Roskilde Station to Danhostel, Vindeboder 7

Take bus 203 from the bus station, direction Veddelev. The Bus station is right next to the railway station om the left. Bus 203 leaves every minute. Get off by the Viking Museeum. It is the stop. Danhostel is next to the museum on the left/west.

How to get from Danhostel to the venue, Sct. Jørgensbjerg parish house Møllehusvej 120 (not the Church).

Ask in the reception.

Walk. Walk up to the church (St. Jørgensbjerg Church can be seen from the hostel). Follow Smedegade up to where it ends. Cross Sankt Hans Gade, turn 50 m. to the left and cross our cemetery. You are there. It is approx. 900 m.

How to get from Roskilde Station to the Zleep hotel, Prindsen.

Walk. It is close to the station. About 6 min. Go straight down to Algade. Follow Algade to the left (pedestrian street) approx.. 300 m. You are there.

How to get from the Zleep hotel, Prindsen to the venue, Sankt Jørgensbjerg Sognegård (St. Joergensbjerg Parish house)

Go up to the railway station and take bus 202A as described above. You can also walk. It is about 2 km. Ask for a map in the reception.

In general: Roskilde is a quite small town. It is always possible to walk.

The cost of the Assembly is 400 €/person for accommodation in a single room and 350 €/person for a double room. This includes board and lodging and the conference fee. Daily cost incl. food and the conference fee is 40 €/person, board & lodging and the conference fee is 150 €/person for one day.

Thematic groups

The Assembly will offer a space for discussion in following thematic groups:

The Assembly will offer an opportunity to meet and share as well in regional groups.


Particular attention in the preparations, as well as in programme, of the Assembly is given to the involvement of youth and specific youth concerns related to care of sustainable future. Close cooperation with the Ecumenical Youth Council of Europe and World Student Christian Federation – Europe are an essential part of the process.