Conference on Spirituality and Sustainable Preaching

Orthodox Academy of Crete - Sept. 15-19, 2023

Become part of the Erasmus+ project »sustainable preaching«! The pioneering phase will take place in September 2023 at a joint conference bringing together partners interested in theology and ecology.

The aim: to rediscover Christian spirituality as a source of strength.

The idea: we all speak the same language, a language of longing and healing in the European and ecumenical context, which finds little space in the modern world.

The thesis: » Living networks« for the protection of the climate, for the preservation of biodiversity, and for creation together with its immanent beauty are only possible on this basis.

We would like to ask - starting from the spiritual foundations of the Eastern and Western Churches - about the »how«: How does effective action arise from Christian responsibility? For this, we need your experiences and ideas for a common exchange and the development of steps into the future!


Dr. Hubert Meisinger, ZGV of the EKHN

Katerina Karkala, Orthodoxe Akademie of Crete (OAK)

Dr. Michael Rentz (Project Manager »sustainable preaching«

Key Documents