5th Assemly - Basel 2005: The Churches' Contribution to a Sustainable Europe

The Churches' contribution to a sustainable Europe

2005 Basel, Switzerland

More than 120 delegates from 30 European countries and from all Christian traditions took part in the Assembly, hosted by the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches of Basel.

ECEN called on European churches to ensure that "their personal and communal lives include sustainability as part of their Christian values", recognising that this will involved changed lifestyles.

It urged the EU to strengthen and implement its sustainability strategy, and called on the G8 to to agree on "decisive action now for rapid greenhouse gas emission reduction" at its forthcoming meeting in Scotland.

The city of Basel hosted the first European Ecumenical Assembly in 1989. A symbolic link between the two events was a candle lit during the opening service in the Titus Church, which was first lit at the 1989 Assembly. The solar roof of the Titus Church produces renewable energy for the congregation. The proceeds from the sale of surplus electricity to the city of Basel fund development projects based on solar energy in Africa.

As well as working in plenary, the Assembly worked in groups on issues including "Creation Time", Creation theology, environmental education, climate change, mobility, eco-management of churches, and water. More information on these groups is available elsewhere on this site.

A simultaneous programme of public events in Basel a panel discussion in the University on ecological tax reform; an evening on "Does Europe live far beyond its means" in the Elizabethenkirke, which was also the venue for an exhibition on the churches’ contribution to a sustainable Europe; and a closing service in the Münster, where ECEN moderator, Dr Lukas Vischer, encouraged Christians to fight for the integrity of creation and for justice on earth.

Assembly Articles

Basel Diary

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